About Dotter

Swedish singer-songwriter Dotter is a fascinating anomaly in the indie-pop world. Boasting a sounds that feels like “a cross between Abba and Lana Del Rey” (Popjustice),

As a vegan with an interest in animal rights, her attitude updates the Sixties hippy ideal, and her image evokes such timeless icons as Bridget Bardot and Jane Birkin.
Born Johanna Maria Jansson (she adopted the name Dotter – Swedish for daughter) in the striking and artistically- friendly environment of Arvika, not far from the Swedish/Norwegian border, she started playing music “so early that I must’ve been born a musician.” Enamoured by her parents’ record collection – which featured everything from Led Zeppelin to indigenous music to Enya – Dotter experimented with home recordings and started writing piano compositions as a child.

Those themes, she explains, are also prevalent in ‘Creatures of the Sun’. “It’s interesting to think about all of the coincidences that led to us being here on earth. All of my ancestors before me have led to this moment. It could’ve been totally different. Whether you’re a human or an animal or a flower, every second in life we’re important to the earth. And when we die we go back to the earth.”

Since releasing ‘My Flower’ and ‘Dive’, Dotter has focused on developing her live show, with a huge homecoming festival at Arvika’s Hamnfest a particular highlight to date. Mostly, however, she’s been working extensively on new material, both for herself and as a songwriter for other artists.

Then Rebellion and Cry was born which went number one on iTunes and got a third place position on Viral 50 in Sweden. 2019 Dotter and Måns Zelmerlöw released their single “Walk with me” that went number one on the Swedish charts, so did “Bulletproof”- the song she released the year after. She followed up with "Backfire" and a swedish christmas hit song called "Vintern jag var sexton"

2021 Dotter released her single "Little Tot" which went number 4 on Swedens Top 50 and number two on swedish radio.

Dotter has also been working with London-based producer Michael Angelo, whose credits include Sam Smith and Lady Leshurr, David Sneddon (Lana del Rey "National Anthem") and Will Hicks (producer for Ed sheeran and Beyonce's "Perfect"). It’s a natural progression for an artist whose ambition is to reach audiences in the UK and North American, as well as at home in Sweden. Possessing a unique approach that separates her from the pack, Dotter’s inimitable charm will be the calling card that enables her to be discovered by the wider world.